Support is limited due to the free(GPL) nature of the program .
Only those people who make a donation can get support.
(donations can be found on the webinsta site)


  Previous Versions and Bug Fixes

Proposed in next release .
- Pause and resume facility .

Version 1.3
Released on 2 - 5 - 2004
- Groups have been added finally .
- Support for other scripts connectivity ( PHPNuke , PHPBB etc )
- Multiple database support ( MySQL , MSSQL , Post Gre SQL ) thanks to ADODB
- Automatic filtering of invalid address
- The send forms have been highly optimized .
- Now drafts are also supported .
- Added a new name field .
- Only one file now requires read write access .
- Removed some problem with long subscribe and unsubscribe links.
- Added HTML Area 2.03 as the HTML Editor .
- Added History support .
- Removed the search bug which was present .
- Images can be embedded or linked back .
- Better verification scheme .
- Import and Export of email addresses of groups now availible
- Made minor changes in the installer.
- Attachment support dropped due to spam and virus related problem ( no one was using it any way !!! ) .

Version 1.2
Released on 7 - 3- 2004

- Popup Support .for people having difficulty with relative string .
- Now completly globals_off and magic quotes compaitable .
- Removed Errors in SQL deletion and listings .
- Major Graphics update and improvements .
- Now runs a simple template system .
- Support for two more languages ( dutch and german ) .
- New class to send out mail and attachments .
- Mail can be sent in three ways .
- Major Improvements in the control panel and installer script .
- Help file completly rewritten .

Version 1.1
Released on 29 - 1 - 2004

- SQL support
- Comes with a installer
- Globals off is no problem now .
- Magic Quotes problem removed .
- No more timeouts ( unique refreshing page to send emails ).
- New code for sending attachments .
- Removed some textarea bugs .

Version 1.0
Released on 9 - 1 - 2004

- Totally new GUI with help from Ceasar Feijen <>
- Lots of bug fixes ( and better documentation )
- Support for HTML and Text email with mixed type support also
- Searching and remote verification corrected .
- Corrected the log in problem .
- Major function and code updates .
- A simple diagnostic and vote window also added .

Version 0.3
Released on 7 - 12 - 2003

Version 0.1
Subscribe support and simple interface ready .

Trouble Shooting

  Please visit our support forums for support and other problems which you might encounter . Support is through our forum .

NOTE: the WYSIWYG editor only works in IE 5.5 or higher

FAQs ans tips

  There are many things you can change to your needs.

TEMPLATES. You can make templates and put them in a submap in the admin/templates/. Look at the business example

DRAFTS. You can make pre defined messages found in admin/drafts
There are two. One for text and one for html mails.
There named draft_Memo_html.php. If you want to make more just call them draft_whatever_html.php

Can be found in the dir inc/email_removed.php
You can modify this page to your needs. Make it a total page for example and make a Meta refresh to your home page
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="8;url=index.php"> to go automaticly after 8 sec. to the index.php

Can be found in the dir inc/
You can modify these files to your needs

There are 5 mailbar's and you can choose one of them to set up in your excisting homepage
If for example you want to use mailbar 1 just open this file and change it to your needs.

Can be found in inc/jscript.php on line 5 and 13. Change them if you want to.