Installations in easy steps

   Welcome to the quickstart section of the help here we will show how to install and use WEBinsta ML/NL manager system to control mail list and newsletters


Installation (the easy way)

      To install the script unzip the script in your root directory. (IMPORTANT: if you already have an index.php remane index.php to for example mail.php)
Fill in your browser the path. In this xample
Now you see an example page (look in the source how we did it) and click on administration.
An installation wizzard will guide you through some settings.
IMPORTANT: to set the first settings right.
EXAMPLE : website will be
Relative path : maillist/
Relative String : mail.php?page=mail&

Once installation is completed see the index.php provided on how to integrate the script . Mainly it is simply taking the form code from the main page and pasting that code into your page . Other settings and control can be accessed admin.php in the script directory .

Please change the permissions on globals.php to world read and write ..

  • globals.php ( main file in which settings are stored )
    (and for the export funtion to work also the temp dir must have write's to write to !!)


To put up a simple mail box paste the following code in you php file .


where maillist is the dir of the script . There are four types of the mail registrations.( see index.php as an example)
By $group= you fill out the group number ( if you make a new group it will be number 2 and so on)

And put the following code in your main page

if(isset ($_GET['page']))
if ($_GET['page'] == "mail")
if ($_GET['page'] == "about")
}else {
/* include( your messages "); */
print(":Your un/subscribe messages here:");

Where the sentence appear :Your subscribe messages here:
your subscribe messages will appear

(I delete the sentence :Your subscribe messages here: so I don't see that line in my homepage)

Your main page will also be the relative string found in the admin
FOR EXAMPLE: you want to use the mailbox on a file named subscribe.php then put the above boxes in the file subscribe.php
and fill in the admin by Relative String :subscribe?page=mail&

If you want to use a customized email with the name of the subscriber fill in the following in one of
the textarea's in the sent mail {name} ( for an email adress use {email} )

- You can import from a csv file as followed