CHARSET ISO explanation

The Charset iso is the format in which the messages are send in your language.

Afrikaans (af-iso-8859-1)
Afrikaans (af-utf-8)
Albanian (sq-iso-8859-1)
Albanian (sq-utf-8)
Arabic (ar-utf-8)
Arabic (ar-win1256)
Azerbaijani (az-iso-8859-9)
Azerbaijani (az-utf-8)
Basque (eu-iso-8859-1)
Basque (eu-utf-8)
Bosnian (bs-utf-8)
Bosnian (bs-win1250)
Brazilian portuguese (ptbr-iso-8859-1)
Brazilian portuguese (ptbr-utf-8)
Bulgarian (bg-koi8-r)
Bulgarian (bg-utf-8)
Bulgarian (bg-win1251)
Catalan (ca-iso-8859-1)
Catalan (ca-utf-8)
Chinese simplified (zh-gb2312)
Chinese simplified (zh-utf-8)
Chinese traditional (zhtw-big5)
Chinese traditional (zhtw-utf-8)
Croatian (hr-iso-8859-2)
Croatian (hr-utf-8)
Croatian (hr-win1250)
Czech (cs-iso-8859-2)
Czech (cs-utf-8)
Czech (cs-win1250)
Danish (da-iso-8859-1)
Danish (da-utf-8)
Dutch (nl-iso-8859-1)
Dutch (nl-utf-8)
English (en-iso-8859-1)
English (en-utf-8)
Estonian (et-iso-8859-1)
Estonian (et-utf-8)
Finnish (fi-iso-8859-1)
Finnish (fi-utf-8)
French (fr-iso-8859-1)
French (fr-utf-8)
Galician (gl-iso-8859-1)
Galician (gl-utf-8)
Georgian (ka-utf-8)
German (de-iso-8859-1)
German (de-utf-8)
Greek (el-iso-8859-7)
Greek (el-utf-8)
Hebrew (he-iso-8859-8-i)
Hindi (hi-utf-8)
Hungarian (hu-iso-8859-2)
Hungarian (hu-utf-8)
Indonesian (id-iso-8859-1)
Indonesian (id-utf-8)
Italian (it-iso-8859-1)
Italian (it-utf-8)
Japanese (ja-euc)
Japanese (ja-sjis)
Japanese (ja-utf-8)
Korean (ko-euc-kr)
Korean (ko-utf-8)
Latvian (lv-utf-8)
Latvian (lv-win1257)
Lithuanian (lt-utf-8)
Lithuanian (lt-win1257)
Malay (ms-iso-8859-1)
Malay (ms-utf-8)
Norwegian (no-iso-8859-1)
Norwegian (no-utf-8)
Persian (fa-utf-8)
Persian (fa-win1256)
Polish (pl-iso-8859-2)
Polish (pl-utf-8)
Portuguese (pt-iso-8859-1)
Portuguese (pt-utf-8)
Romanian (ro-iso-8859-1)
Romanian (ro-utf-8)
Russian (ru-cp-866)
Russian (ru-koi8-r)
Russian (ru-utf-8)
Russian (ru-win1251)
Serbian (srcyr-utf-8)
Serbian (srcyr-win1251)
Serbian latin (srlat-utf-8)
Serbian latin (srlat-win1250)
Slovak (sk-iso-8859-2)
Slovak (sk-utf-8)
Slovak (sk-win1250)
Slovenian (sl-iso-8859-2)
Slovenian (sl-utf-8)
Slovenian (sl-win1250)
Spanish (es-iso-8859-1)
Spanish (es-utf-8)
Swedish (sv-iso-8859-1)
Swedish (sv-utf-8)
Thai (th-tis-620)
Thai (th-utf-8)
Turkish (tr-iso-8859-9)
Turkish (tr-utf-8)
Ukrainian (uk-utf-8)
Ukrainian (uk-win1251)